Hello everyone! I created this blog to post the all my 3d turorials which I make for free on my youtube channel.

All of them is absolutely free.
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Well, how? Cool? Run to render with us =)

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Happy viewing!

Best regards, Andrew Krivulya Charly

Environment Creation 1.2. SpeedTree Cinema 8 leaves. HandDrawing mode. Megascans leaves.

In this lesson we will learn how to add leaves, edit them with a special editor. Make your meshes of leaves from the Megascans texture. Customize low and highpoly geometry for them. Will learn how to draw trees in HandDrawing mode.

Environment Creation. Chapter 1.1. Introduction to the SpeedTree Cinema 8

Basic SpeedTree Cinema 8 tutorial. In this lesson you will learn how to create a base tree with foliage from the megascans. How to draw and edit trees. What to consider when importing into 3dsmax and when exporting from SpeedTree.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2018!!!

Friends, I congratulate everyone with upcoming holidays! I wish you all the best and prosperity! Be healthy and success! Merry Christmass and Happy New Year 2018!

CG EVENT MOSCOW 2017. My history. Full version. ENG version.

Hello everyone!

So, I begin my story about how it all began and how it was for me. Yes, that's the great and beautiful CGEVENT Moscow 2017, about which I will write now ... long to write =) and maybe not for long =) Sit down comfortably, take a cup of coffee or tea, or something delicious and prepare to read = )

CG EVENT MOSCOW 2017. My history. Full version. RU

Всем привет! 
Итак, начинаю свой рассказ о том, как все начиналось и как это было у меня. Да-да, тот самый великий и прекрасный CGEVENT Moscow 2017, о котором сейчас я буду писать… долго писать =) а может и не долго =) Присаживайтесь поудобнее, берите чашечку кофе или чая, или еще чего-то вкусненького и готовьтесь читать =)

World Creator 2. The creation of a fantasy world. Part 2 #Corona #Megascans #3dCoat #3dsmax

The continuation of the 1st part of creating a fantasy world for the project "The Forester". This video shows the process of setting up of the fog, modeling the clouds in 3D-Coat, setting their shader in Corona Render and the render on our farm

For the fast rendering I used:

4*Dual Xeon e5 2670 2,6 GHz - 128 Threads + 1 Intel Core i7 4930K 3,4 Ghz 12 Threads.

Render time - 58min. Noise - 3% - enough for the final image

By the way, who will give the promo code - cgevent to our managers - will receive a 15% discount for render.

World Creator 2. The creation of a fantasy world. Part 1 #Corona #Megascans #3dCoat #3dsmax

Continue to create the worlds for the project "The Forester". In this video I show the process of creating the world in the World Creator 2. Then export maps and masks in the 3dsmax. Render in Corona, as well as create clouds and fog in 3d-Coat.
Also I show the download Megascans materials and their use in conjunction with the resulting masks from the World Creator 2.

Octane Render Benchmark on the renderfarm

Octane Render test on the new servers

Hello everyone! With you Krivulya Andrew aka Charly and I record this video about the update of our renderfarm

We have 3 new GPU servers. 4 * 980Ti, 4 * 1080 and 4 * 1080Ti.

In this video, I conduct a render test of my scene on 4*980Ti and 4*980Ti +3*1080Ti+4*1080, as well as the standard Octane Bench

In the comments write wishes, questions, topics of lessons that you would like to see in new releases, etc etc